Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options for a Better and More Confident Smile

Woman smiling on a dentist chair

You might be receiving regular recommendations from a dentist in Sioux Falls, SD, about oral health care practices. However, have you considered asking about cosmetic dentistry procedures that can improve your smile and self-confidence?

There might be underlying issues you need to resolve in order for your smile to undergo a dramatic transformation.

Cosmetic dental treatment

The current condition of your teeth and gums might be good enough for you, but are you happy with the color and alignment of your teeth?

A smile makeover is possible at an affordable cost, especially now that technological advancements are allowing cosmetic dentists work miracles with more predictable and reliable results. Aesthetic treatments can rectify minor flaws and transform major irregularities.

Your modern cosmetic dentistry options are as follows:

Improving the color of your teeth

Bleaching using home kits is one of the teeth whitening options available to you. The other option is laser whitening. Dental bonding also improves the coloring of teeth with the use of composites.

Veneer, a great alternative, which is in the form of ceramic shells that not only improves color but also covers up structural imperfections such as chips and cracks.

Going beyond smile makeovers

Improving aesthetics is the first step and you can even go further. Functional problems need not limit your function or social interaction. Even minor bite and alignment problems can bruise your confidence, or worse, put you at risk of painful and limiting conditions such as temporomandibular dysfunction.

Full mouth reconstruction might be recommended if you are eligible for the necessary procedures to correct supporting and bone structure irregularities. An oral maxillofacial surgeon in consultation with your endodontist, prosthodontist, and other specialists will determine the procedure plan.

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Personalized dental care services are available from cosmetic dentistry specialist with the capability to transform your smile and boost your confidence. Long-lasting and reliable results make cosmetic dentistry procedures a sound investment.