Yoga-tta Do It: How Yoga Improves Overall Health


yogaYoga is a popular physical activity enjoyed by millions across the globe. From celebrities and famous personalities to fitness-conscious folks, it almost feels as if almost everyone has fallen in love with it. But what exactly is in yoga that makes people get up off their couches and leave their phones for a while, and just stretch on the mat?

Here’s what yoga does to your mind and body:

Improves Fitness

Yoga involves a series of physical movements that improve strength and flexibility. Try poses, such as upward and downward dog and the plank pose, as this effectively develops firmness in the upper body. Standing poses, on the other hand, build strength in the quadriceps and hamstrings, especially if you observe proper breathing. To improve flexibility, try low lunges, single-leg forward bends, and downward facing dog pose.

Reactivates the Inner Body

Yoga reduces the levels of stress and adrenal-cortex hormones in the cardiovascular system, regulating proper blood flow and fluids throughout the body. This helps prevent serious medical conditions, such as coronary heart disease and high blood pressure.

Standing poses allow the lateral wall of the heart to become more flexible and toned up. Inverted postures, on the other hand, keeps muscles and cell tissue degeneration at bay. You may also want to try bending postures, as this helps strengthen the heart muscles.

Uplifts Your Spirit

As yoga calms the mind with meditation techniques, it makes you more open to new, fresh ideas, increasing creativity that can translate to the development of artistic skills. Other than improved creativity, you will also experience relief from anxiety and negative moods. Research confirms these effects, showing that thalamic GABA levels, which are low in mood disorders, increase when doing yoga poses.

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Achieve a healthy, strong body while improving mental health with yoga exercises. Anyone can engage in this practice — yes, even those who aren’t that flexible. Enroll in a class now or make your next vacation a yoga retreat.