Why, with Dental Implants, You Get Back So Much More Than Just Your Smile

Dental Implants Give You More Than Just SmileChoosing dental implants to replace your missing teeth will give you back so much more than just an aesthetically pleasing smile. Implants are designed to be a long-term solution to tooth loss, which negate many of the problems experienced by people who wear traditional dentures, and enable you to get on with enjoying your life without loose false teeth causing problems.

The Centre for Aesthetic Periodontics and Implantology Limited in Kent offers a wide range of implant-based treatments, which can be used to replace anything from one to all of the natural teeth in patients of all ages, including those who have already experienced some degree of bone loss.

It is shrinkage of the jaw bone that leads to problems with the fit of traditional dentures. Although your dentist or clinical dental technician will have ensured that they fitted well at the outset, changes to the bone beneath the gums will alter that fit, meaning you need to revisit your clinician to have them relined, otherwise adjusted, or even completely remade.

Dental implants provide a viable and long-term alternative. They are small titanium screws or posts that are placed in the jaw bone under either local anaesthetic or conscious sedation. As soon as they are in place a process known as osseointegration starts, which sees bone material and blood vessels grow up around your implants, providing a stable anchor for your new teeth.

Tooth loss has numerous causes. Dental decay and gum disease are major contributory factors, whilst accidents and injuries involving the head and/or face can also lead to the permanent loss of teeth.

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Not replacing missing teeth is a very bad idea. Remaining teeth tend to shift into the gaps, becoming harder to clean in the process. When many teeth are missing, diet, speech, body image and confidence are negatively affected.

Implants can be combined with either a single crown, a bridge, or dentures, to provide a permanent solution to tooth loss. With dental implants, you can eat whatever you like, can speak clearly and confidently, and don’t need to worry about slipping dentures affecting your social life.