Why Should You Consider Getting an Omnilux Facial Treatment?

Woman Getting Facial TreatmentAre you eating well, drinking all the water you can, but somehow you are not getting that blissful glow? An Omnilux facial treatment may be what you’re looking for. Omnilux is a non-surgical treatment that uses LED light to help stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production. The light gets into the deeper layers of skin helping you achieve that much-desired glow. Additionally, the light doesn’t contain any harmful UVB or UVA rays, making it a safe treatment option.

The Brow and Skin Studio shares some of the other benefits that make Omnilux facial definitely worth considering.

Safe for All Skin Types

Having been clinically tested, Omnilux has been proved safe for all skin types. Whether you have an oily, normal, or dry skin, you can benefit from getting this treatment. Furthermore, it has been approved both domestically and internationally by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, FDA, and Health Canada.

Can be Used in a Combination Therapy

Omnilux treatments can be used in conjunction with intense pulsed light therapy, facial peels, and laser therapies. Additionally, it can be used with injections, fillers, and regular facial regimens to fully enhance the appearance of your skin.

Clinically-Proven Effectiveness

If you’re worried about the effectiveness of this treatment, you can be rest assured that several tests have been done to prove that it aids in tissue repair. Omnilux helps revive fibroblast activity which, in turn, means more collagen and ECM proteins synthesis. In addition, it also assists in the production of cellular ATP which increases the cells vitality.

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Natural Method

Unlike surgery where the results are solely based on the body’s response, Omnilux only uses light to stimulate the production of collagen which helps to rejuvenate your skin. Moreover, it comes with other benefits such as an improved texture, hydrates the skin, evens out pigmented areas of the skin, and counteracts the effects of aging.

So if you’re looking to enhance your skin through a natural and safe method, you should consider getting an Omnilux facial treatment. Visit a spa near you to find out more about this procedure.