Why Colorectal Surgery Will be More Common in Australia

Doctors performing surgery

Colorectal surgical equipment such as Frazier Suction tubes will be more necessary in Australia, following the government’s estimate that 17,004 new cases of bowel cancer will be diagnosed in 2018.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) expects almost 4,130 fatalities from this figure. By gender, men are more at risk of contracting the disease than women. At least 9,294 men will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer compared with 7,709 women.

Survival Rate

The AIHW’s forecast means that there will be more people diagnosed with bowel cancer than in 2014. Early detection and understanding the contributing factors are important to increase a patient’s chances of being cured, so it’s important for those who are most at risk to consult with a surgeon by the time they notice the common symptoms.

Despite the increase in diagnosed cases, the survival rate among patients remains high at 70% for this year. The higher chances stem from new and modernised ways of surgical treatment, but lifestyle choices will be important to prevent a relapse.

Bowel Cancer Risk

The risk of bowel cancer among Australians has increased due to the growing rate of obesity, along with harmful habits such as smoking tobacco and high alcohol consumption. Doctors said that patients should control their drinking and quit smoking as soon as they are diagnosed with the illness.

A sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet also play a role. A fibre-rich diet reduces your risk, as well as reducing your intake of red meat. Genetics and age are among the non-modifiable factors, as the risk factor increases for people who are 50 years old and above.

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Hospitals and surgical clinics will need to invest in new equipment, as more people are expected to be treated as early as possible. For patients, knowing your risk for bowel cancer requires you to be more vigilant about your diet and lifestyle.