Why Choose an Implant?

Woman With Dental ImplantsFor many people the idea of losing a tooth is a frightening prospect. Whether because of oral health issues or due to an accident it can seriously affect a person’s confidence especially if the missing tooth is in a visually prominent position. Even when the loss is of a back tooth eating can sometimes be uncomfortable or even painful. In the past the solution was often dentures. This is a fitted plate to which a false tooth is attached. Problems associated with dentures are that they must be removed at night and they also tend to attract food debris. A far more attractive and secure option is the installation of a dental implant in which a crown or bridge is attached to a titanium screw which is then fixed directly into the jawbone. The great advantage of this technique is that the implant is a permanent fixture and does not need to be removed for cleaning or adjustment.

When dentures just won’t do

With today’s hectic lifestyle, the last thing you need is a high maintenance dental regimen, which is why implants are fast becoming the treatment of choice following tooth loss. Whether it involves the loss of only one or multiple teeth, implants are invaluable when, due to tooth decay, there is not a strong enough base to mount a crown. Naturally, the end result depends largely on the skill of the dentist. There are a number of first class practices performing dental implants in London and a consultation can be arranged to explain the procedure and the time frame for the process, as well as the costs, though it should be noted that in some circumstances it is possible to have work carried out on the NHS.

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How do I get an implant?

Usually, after consultation, dental implants are fitted in two appointments, the first to install the titanium screw into the jawbone then, after a healing period of three to four months during which a temporary crown is worn, the second appointment is to fit the connector or abutment and the permanent crown.