When to Take Your Baby for an Eye Test

Baby with blue eyes

When babies are born, their vision is blurred and only clears up with time. By the time they are four months, they start developing color vision and attain coordination of both eyes. At six months, they will have developed eye and hand coordination skills.

To protect your baby’s eyesight and ensure that in case of any problem they are diagnosed early enough, it is essential to know when to take them to a family eye clinic in Maple Grove, MN. Below is a guide on taking your baby for eye tests.

Between 6 and 9 Months

It is recommended that babies have their first visit to an optometrist when they are between six and nine months old. The timing for this is crucial, as it is aimed at establishing how healthy the eyes are. The eye doctor will examine alignment, development, muscle movement, and focus. They will also test for astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. To make the visit less fussy, schedule your appointment at a time when your baby is generally relaxed.

At 3 Years

Between the age of one year and three years, your baby will continue to learn how to use both eyes effectively and efficiently. He or she will attain different visual skills for a life-long application. At three years, you should take your child back to an optometrist. They will reassess the visual system of the child, monitor growth, and assess the efficacy of your little one’s vision. At this point, it is possible to identify conditions such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, and other eye muscle problems.

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Before Joining School

A lot of learning takes place through sight. You should have your kid’s eyes checked once more before he or she joins the school to ensure that your child’s vision will support learning.

Other than the above regular visits, see your eye doctor if you notice eye boogers in your child, sensitivity to light, squinting, itching, watering, frustration, and strain when trying to locate something.