When to Start Seeing a Gynaecologist and Why


GynaecologistMortifying, embarrassing and utterly crazy — that is probably how you will describe your first visit to the gynaecologist. From a young age, it was taught that the body should be taken care of. And as a woman, making that call to schedule the very first appointment may have your heart beating fast.

An important question, however, is when to do it. While some will say that you should do so early on, others say that it is best to see an OB GYN when you become sexually active.

Both are correct, and we cannot emphasise the need for a regular visit to your OB GYN when you are engaging in sexual activities.

Staying Safe

The last thing you want to is to catch a sexually transmitted disease. Forget about fearing what might happen on your first visit or being shy about it. You may enquire with quality private hospitals, says TheWellsSuite.co.uk, if you are uncomfortable about consulting your mum’s or friend’s own OB GYN.

It is important to stay safe and learn the necessary precautions from a medical perspective, rather than getting some pseudo-facts from friends or the Internet.

It’s not saying you should not trust your partner, but you should know the right way to practice safe sex. Instead of experimenting with over-the-counter contraceptives, let your doctor prescribe something that will suit and work for your body best. It is your body, after all, and you have every right to keeping it healthy. And if in case you have caught an STD, your doctor will immediately diagnose it and plan the proper treatment to prevent it from getting worse.

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Planning a Family

Some women only see the need to start seeing an OB GYN when a baby is involved. It is imperative to set an appointment with an OB GYN if you suspect that you are pregnant or you are planning to have a baby. Your doctor will monitor your reproductive health and keep the baby healthy as well.

A lot of complications may happen during the pregnancy so it not advisable to skip your checkup even once.

The best time to visit the gynaecologist is when you are comfortable with the idea and are serious about keeping your reproductive health in good shape — sexually active or not. But you should not put it off for too long. Set an appointment soon to stay safe and healthy.