What’s the Color of Your Smile?

When it comes to teeth color, people only want the whitest shade ever. In fact, teeth Woman Smilingwhitening is the most common dental procedure for improving appearance or enhancing attractiveness. Some have also tried whitening toothpaste and products at some point in their lives just to achieve a brighter smile.

Change in Color

Teeth come in different shades and can change color due to some causes. As the enamel develops, different habits and factors can cause it to reveal a yellowish hue. Stains from foods and beverages can darken teeth over time. Environmental factors and certain illnesses also discolor your pearly whites.

The use of certain antibiotics while pregnant may cause discoloration of the baby’s enamel. Kids who take such medications at the time of permanent teeth development may also notice discoloration on their choppers. In rare cases, an injury may also affect the color of teeth.

Whitening a Dull Smile

The good news, you don’t have to live with a yellow smile. Family dentists in Lakeville note that it is easy to whiten teeth with the use new techniques and materials. You can go from noticeably yellow to noticeably whiter teeth for a healthy and youthful appearance.

The best part about professional tooth whitening is that can remove stubborn stains and improve enamel color. Severe discoloration, however, may need bonding or veneers to get the most desirable cosmetic result. It is best to contact your dentist for a checkup and to know the right option for you.

Detergent Foods and White-Teeth Diet

You can also benefit from eating detergent foods or those that can clean teeth as you munch. These include apples, raw carrots, celery, and cheese. You may also go on a white-teeth diet, avoiding black tea, red wine, cola, soy sauce, and smoking cigarettes.

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You can use whitening toothpaste for removing and preventing surface stains, but don’t expect to see dramatic results. A dentist-supervised procedure is your best option for whitening a dull smile. Your habits also play a major role, so be sure to brush and floss daily, and cut back on foods that can stain your teeth.