What is a MediShield Integrated Plan?

Medical Care

Medical CareThe Government of Singapore recently introduced a new scheme called medishield life and an integrated plan. The new plans extend coverage to all permanent residents and Singaporeans. The MediShield integrated plan or IP is a med-save plan which has two parts – the shield portion from CPF and the extra advantages by the insurer.

  • Integrated plans

While the shield will offer better benefits than the current coverage, it still offers the basic healthcare coverage. To get a better coverage the IP can step in. The added coverage that these plans offer depends on the plan type and your own insurer. They also offer higher claim limits annually, which can really be beneficial. The medishield now has a component that will extend the coverage for a lifetime. This is great news as only when we grow older, we will need better and assured health coverage.

  • Actuals as charged

These IP plans will ensure that you will not be hampered by the usual claim limits of MediShield integrated plans from KeepMoving.com.sg. You will be covered for more benefits and all expenses you are eligible for can be claimed. You can receive treatment at private hospitals and more expensive wards. You can still be covered for higher expenses and actual medical charges you incur can be charged. As the plan is integrated you need to pay only one premium for both the components.

  • Broader coverage

The integrated plan will ensure that all the post hospitalization and pre-hospitalization expenses are paid to you. You can also opt for coverage of co-insurance and deductible but with a rider. Depending on your insurer you can also get other added valuable advantages. Some of them offer free coverage for four of your children till when they are 20 years of age. But for this facility both you and your wife should be medishield policy holders. This is in fact called co-insurance and you have to pay to co-share the bill with medishield.

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