Want to be a Yoga Teacher? Here’s How to Prepare for Your Training

Yoga teacher and a student

Yoga is not something that you can learn overnight. There are lots of things that you have to be aware of such as the right form, the poses, how to properly meditate and focus, and so much more.

Teaching other yogis is a completely new story, and you definitely have to be prepared and a hundred percent dedicated to make sure that your students would learn from you and benefit from yoga. Anna Sugarman Yoga shares some tips on how to prepare for your training so that you will be an effective yoga teacher yourself soon.

Get fit

To become a yoga teacher, you have to be a hundred percent fit and flexible. Yoga poses require a lot of bending and stretching, and if you are not fit enough, you can get easily injured. Make sure to practise yoga poses at least two to three times per week for three months before your training. This will help you adjust to the training easily, and you will not be stuck in a funk once your training starts.

Be ready with your medication

There is a huge chance that you will be going somewhere nice and tranquil for your yoga teacher training. Most of these training sessions will be held somewhere that is secluded and away from urban areas, which is why it is important to stock up on your medications.

If you are taking maintenance medications, for instance, then you must buy enough to last you during the whole duration of your training. You would not want to be sick during your classes as well, so you must make sure to bring medicines for pain relief.

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Let your emotions flow

Bottling up your emotions when you are at home can be a usual thing for you to do, even during practising yoga. However, when you are in a completely different place, and everything seems tranquil and quiet, you can get really emotional.

Some yogis even admit to feeling lots of emotions such as being angry, sad, frustrated, happy, contented, and in love during the whole training period. You will be surrounded by lots of understanding individuals, so you can go ahead and let go of the bottled up feelings that you have and release all of those.

Talk to your fellow yogis who have taken yoga teacher training in the past. Ask them for some advice and about their whole experience.