Underarm Waxing 101: Pre and Post Underarm Care

Underarm Waxing 101

Underarm Waxing 101Waxing your underarms could be the answer to your hairy underarm woes. It does hurt, a little or a lot, depending on your pain tolerance. However, preparing your underarms for waxing, and caring for it afterwards, is crucial to ensure your wax job will hold up as long as possible.

BEFORE your Underarm Waxing Appointment

Grow out your underarm hair. Try for at least ¼ inch, since wax won’t properly grip the hair if it’s shorter. On the other hand, anything longer could be more painful when stripped off. Make sure you shower before going to the salon and that you don’t apply deodorant so the wax can hold onto your hair more effectively, suggests an expert waxing technician in Brisbane Northside from The Brazilian HutIn addition, you should exfoliate gently to ensure your underarm is squeaky clean and that your hair follicles won’t be blocked. 

AFTER your Underarm Waxing Appointment

Expect to feel some swelling, redness and irritation. This is normal and will subside in a day or two. To hasten healing, avoid heat—hot showers, hot tubs and a workout sweat fest—and don’t apply deodorant for at least a day after getting waxed. Use ice or cold compress to ease swelling and irritation.

Also, since waxing plucks your hair from the follicle, the skin over it will harden and thicken. Exfoliate after a day to prevent ingrown hairs, and then exfoliate twice weekly afterwards. More importantly, don’t shave. Resist the urge to shave because your hair follicles must grow at the same rate. This won’t happen if your shave in between your waxing sessions.

Be patient—your first waxing session may only provide smooth results for two to three weeks instead of the normal four to six weeks. However, if you continue to wax regularly, you can go longer between waxes, depending on your hair growth. And if you get ingrown hair, don’t pick on it; otherwise, you risk getting an infection.