Underarm Alert: The Worst Things to Put on Your Armpits

Woman relaxing and showing her underarm

While some girls don’t even have to do anything and get flawless underarms, there are other girls who have to deal with hair, chicken skin, dry skin and hyper-pigmentation.

Usually, Clarity Skin noted that a trip to a Utah clinic offering laser hair removal can do the trick, but for the time in between treatments (and even before going for an appointment), you have to make sure you aren’t putting anything bad on your sensitive skin. Here’s what not to put on our underarms:

Aloe vera use

Whether it’s in gel or cream form, aloe vera does have many benefits. The problem is, while it may solve your dry skin problems, it also encourages hair growth. There have been many accounts of women who use aloe vera gels on their face and find that their facial hairs grow. Unless you don’t have hair growth under your arms, you may want to avoid this one.

Deodorants found in the supermarket

If you’re looking to get pretty underarms, going mainstream retail could be a wrong decision. If you’re fine with the way they are, over-the-counter deodorants are fine. Look for underarm creams that are gentler and have more natural ingredients. Some studies have shown that OTC deodorants may contain harmful ingredients. If you’re looking to have smooth, hairless, and beautiful underarms, you have to give your armpits extra care. Take a break from antiperspirants when you’re at home and choose the better products for your underarms.

Your underarm skin is quite thin and there are many nerve endings and lymph nodes there, which have lead doctors to think that product use on the underarms can lead to breast cancer. But has it been proven yet? Make sure to book an appointment with a dermatologist to take care of your armpits and to use the prescribed products.

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