Types of Long-Term Care Services in Hospitals

healthcare providers standing togetherHospitals do not have room to accommodate everyone. However, serious medical conditions do not disappear after just a few days. A long-term acute care facility is designed for hospitalization that last several months, years or even decades.

Long-Term acute care (LTAC) hospitals, such as Landmark Hospital Salt Lake City, specialize in helping people who need long-term hospitalization. In Davis County, there are standalone LTAC hospitals and specialized units that are located within general hospitals. These long-term care facilities provide a wide range of services to their patients.

Infectious Diseases

There are infectious units for people who have bacterial or viral infections. They have a team of specialists who treat different infections that form because of contamination or existing disease. Their treatments may include antibiotics, mechanical ventilation or dialysis.

Wound Care

The body heals wounds naturally on its own, but some wounds do not heal easily. These include deep gashes, second or third-degree burns and injuries that cover an extensive part of the body. Severe wounds heal faster with fewer infections and complications if doctors care for them.


Nursing is one of the essential services at a long-term care facility. Nurses are daily companions to all residents at a hospital. They ensure the optimal health and comfort of patients who cannot stay at home.


Nurses pay attention to the risks of infections. Patients have their clothes and bedsheets cleaned regularly and can request cleaning at any time. Their bandages are cleaned and changed when necessary. The building itself is cleaned daily, including the hallways, lounge areas and patients’ rooms.

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Renal Disease

Some medical facilities specialize in kidney dialysis and other treatments for kidney disease. Dialysis patients need experienced nurses to perform regular therapies and procedures. Many hospitals do not have dialysis nurses on hand. Without the help of specialty hospitals, sick patients have increased risks of kidney failure and death.

The Importance of Extended Care

Long-term medical care is the extended care that you won’t find at regular hospitals. General hospitals operate like hotels and turn people out if they need the beds for other patients. Long-term hospitals are specially made for people who are suffering from chronic diseases. There are nurses, doctors and medical services that are available around the clock. An LTAC hospital in Davis County is the only solution for patients who need the best medical care that they cannot find at home.