Tooth Shade-Matching: Completely White or Tooth-Coloured White?

Shades of White for TeethIf you think teeth whitening is simple, think again. There are two sides discussing which is better–completely white teeth or teeth with a natural shade of white. While the choice ultimately boils down to personal preference, it is also important to know the benefits of each treatment.

Tooth Shade and Natural Tooth Colouration

Everyone is born with a different set of teeth, and the level of ‘whiteness’ of your teeth is determinable at a young age. There are four basic shade types, ranging from reddish brown, reddish grey, reddish yellow and grey. Eight out of 10 people have grey coloured teeth. But how far would you go to make it white?

Completely White vs. Tooth-Coloured White

Proponents of completely white teeth say that true white teeth will boost your self-esteem and give you that award-winning smile. However, your teeth may only go so white until it starts looking artificial. Of course, it looks great, but people can tell that you have had whitening treatments done if the whiteness of your teeth looks ethereal.

Tooth-coloured white is a bit of a misnomer since our teeth come in different shades. What it really means is tooth with the whitest natural shade, which is reddish grey. The red part itself comes from the colouration of the gums.

Burwell Dental Surgery and other cosmetic dentistry practices in Newmarket usually recommend this for first-time patients undergoing teeth whitening since it is more natural looking and is not as intensive on the teeth. This usually does not involve any laser treatments or bleaching, so it is usually safer and less expensive than traditional teeth whitening treatments.

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While having completely white teeth is stunning, your smile may look artificial and out of place. For more natural looking teeth and a good-looking smile, it is best to go with tooth-coloured whiteness.