Three Things Pregnant Moms Should Avoid

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Pregnancy is one of the best gifts of womanhood. It is a delicate condition, considering that you are not only caring for yourself but also for your baby. During this delicate time, life beats inside the woman’s body, prioritizing the health and well-being of her precious unborn child above anything else.

However, there are times an expectant mother forgets how some things could affect the well-being of her baby. Revere Health reminds these moms to avoid these activities to ensure the safety of her baby.


Your obstetrician-gynecologist have already told you not to smoke during pregnancy but you still are tempted to light that cigarette. After all, you might have thought that the baby is safe within your tummy, right? Wrong! Yes, the baby might be hidden in your tummy but remember that you are inhaling toxic chemicals with each drag. According to The Health Site, smoking can cause early rupture of membranes within the mother and can even lead to premature delivery. It can even affect the fetus oxygen supply and puts the baby in danger of developing congenital defects later on.

Having an X-Ray

As much as possible, medical practitioners do not allow pregnant moms to have an x-ray as it could provide harmful exposure to the unborn child. However, if it is necessary, especially for extreme conditions, better ensure that you would have a lead apron that would cover your abdomen area. Even an accidental exposure to radiation can cause dire effects to the baby, one of which is birth defects.

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Amusement Park Rides

According to Fit Pregnancy, pregnant moms must avoid amusement park rides. These rides, which would have you slam your body, are dangerous for your baby. While your baby may be still enjoying some cushion from the amniotic fluid, there is still a great risk to your placenta. Such rides include water slides, roller coaster and a lot more.

Indeed, if you are pregnant, better avoid these things than risk causing harm to your baby. Remember that regret comes after an incident occurs. As such, make sure that you avoid these things for the sake of your baby.