Therapeutic Massage: What Are Your Options?

A woman getting massage

Therapeutic requirements vary from time to time, and from one person to the other. Various types of massage therapies could attain different results, and you should choose one that suits you.

There are various types of massage therapies: Swedish, shiatsu, or deep tissue massage to relieve pain from the injury. In some cases, a massage therapist can use more than one method to treat your specific needs. Here are various massage therapies available in Jericho, New York to help you identify what works best for you.

Swedish Massage

This is the most popular massage therapy on offer in spas and wellness centers. A therapist will apply oil or lotion in general strokes and later customize specific strokes to focus on the problem areas. These strokes are divided into five categories: tapotement, vibration, petrissage, effleurage, and friction. This massage is best if you are recovering from a physical injury.

Hot Stone Massage

This therapy uses warm basalt stones to warm up muscles maintain the heat longer. The stones are placed at particular points on your body. The warmth of the stones help in reaching the tense muscles quickly, loosens the tightness and gives you a relaxed, calm feeling. However, if you have medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, varicose veins, high blood pressure, or if you are on any blood thinning drugs, consult with your doctor before getting this massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

This targets adhesions and deep layers of the connective tissues. Unlike Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy is more intense, but not necessarily painful. If you feel pain during the massage, let the therapist know immediately. This therapy is specifically beneficial to people with a lingering injury and has limited mobility and chronic pain. Therefore, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis or tennis elbow, this treatment is for you.

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When selecting a therapeutic massage, ensure you check what your practitioner can comfortably provide. Compare that with the benefits you hope to reap from the sessions. While at it, ensure you highlight any form of allergies to oils or scents to ensure you enjoy your massage sessions.