The Worst Effects of Popular Seating Styles in Parties

Wedding ReceptionOne of the secrets of a successful Queenslander party is the seating arrangement. If you choose the right one, you could easily maximise the space and create a comfortable environment for everyone. But if you miss the mark, your dream party would be a disaster.

There are popular styles of seating for parties in general, but their negatives can outweigh the positives with bad execution. Laruche and other function room providers in Brisbane say that coordinating with the venue or the organiser is the best possible way to avoid the following:


Family-style seating is a favourite among many Australian parties and get-togethers. The problem in having long, rectangular tables is that it limits the flow of conversation. Depending on how long everyone has to sit, the chats between guests would be exclusive to either their seatmates or the person sitting opposite to them. In addition, a no show could throw off the overall seating chart. When arranged on the inside, such a table may render the place look and feel cramped.


The beauty of having a number of round tables arranged strategically around the venue is to induce interaction. All seated guests all facing each other, conversation can be a breeze.

One might need to push past other guests when entering or exiting the table, especially when everyone’s closed in. Some guests are doomed not to have a convenience view of the centre, where the heart of the event’s programme takes place.


There’s no better way to save and efficiently maximise the room’s capacity to the fullest by getting chairs and tables out of the mix. All guests are free to roam around, which greatly increases conversation opportunities.

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On the flip side, no tables and seats mean no opportunity to sit and rest throughout the event. And obviously, this seating style — or the lack of it — makes plated food out of the menu. Instead, you would be limited to finger foods and nibbles.

Make no mistake, these styles of seating are the best for practically all occasions. But unless you find a way to work around their negatives, it’s nearly impossible to pull off a fun party. Play around with the design and combine two or all three to use the advantage of one to beat the disadvantage of another.