The Lowdown on Teeth Whitening in the UK

Teeth WhiteningBack in the day, some cultures thought that black teeth were beautiful. This was mostly in Southeast Asia, particularly Japan. It was a sign of aristocracy as only the very rich could afford to have their teeth lacquered to be perfectly black. The same holds true today, except it is the opposite.

Pearly white teeth are attractive in most cultures because it means you are healthy. Cosmetic dentistry in Manchester can help in upholding that tradition, particularly teeth whitening. Here is a quick look at the practice.

Teeth whitening basics

All methods of teeth whitening use some type of peroxide-type bleach, the type used to bleach hair back in the day. This could be carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, and the solution could contain anywhere between 3% and 43% of bleach. It may in involve the use of lasers or ultraviolet light, or a tray in which to soak the teeth in the solution. Laser-based treatment can deliver immediate results, while tray-based treatment may take a month before you can see any difference. It does not work on artificial teeth and people with grey or purple teeth. It works best with people with yellow teeth.

Professional treatment is safer

Home kits are available at any pharmacy in the UK. The cost is between £10 and £200. However, the solution in most of these kits is too weak to be effective, and the trays that come with them may not fit you properly. There is also the chance that you will not use it correctly and cause injury to your gums and teeth. The safest course is to have it done by a dentist, suggest, who can also explain what type of treatment you need.

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Costs of teeth whitening

Different methods of professional teeth whitening carry different costs. Laser treatments are the quickest and most convenient, but they are also more expensive. Tray-based treatments take longer, and you may have to use a home kit supplied by your dentist, but they are also more affordable. Laser treatment costs more than £1000, while tray-based treatments start at £650. The effect is also not permanent, especially if you smoke or drink tea or coffee. You may have to go back every six months for more treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry is an effective way to get the teeth you want. Teeth whitening can help make your teeth attractive, but it is not for everybody. Consult your dentist to find out more.