The Importance of Getting Gaps in the Mouth Treated

Dental Implant In Northfield Illinois

Dental Implant In Northfield, IllinoisDid you lose a tooth because of an accident or decay? Regardless if both or one happened to you, treating that gap is important. Pockets of space between your teeth allow bacteria and viruses to lodge into them and may infect you with gum disease or other dental problems. One of the treatments to consider getting is an implant.

Negative Effects of Tooth Loss

According to an implant dentist from Northfield, IL, the pockets of space between teeth expose you to all sorts of oral health problems. Food debris may lodge onto these gaps, creating an environment where bacteria and viruses may grow. This may turn into periodontitis and erode protective enamel on a tooth. This may result in tooth decay and further loss of surrounding teeth as they act as support for each other.

Tooth loss may also cause reduced density of the jawbones; this may result in the hollowing out of your mouth. Teeth act as a stimulant to the bones in your jaw, keeping them strong, healthy and in their proper place.

Treating the Pockets of Space

Pockets of space between your teeth make your smile look bad, and may result in loss of self-confidence. Treating tooth loss, however, isn’t just about keeping your smile intact, it encompasses and treats other dental problems you already or may have. A dental implant is one option to consider; today’s implants are much like real teeth, they feel and work the same way. A dentist makes careful measurements inside your mouth to fit you with the perfect implant or implants. They can perform either single or multiple installations to cover the gaps between teeth.

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The best time to treat gaps between teeth is immediately; postponing treatment may cause it to worsen and allow more dental problems to arise. Consult with your dentist to determine the extent of the treatment you need.