The Four Aspects that Strengthen Your Relationship with Christ

Man holding the bible

Your relationship with Christ is a relationship like no other.

Some people view Christ as a protector, calling on Him when the going gets rough. Some see Him as a father, consulting Him with life decisions, big and small. Others, meanwhile, see Him as a friend, a staunch ally.

The Lord may play various roles in the lives of people, but like other relationships, the one that you have with Christ requires your devotion to certain aspects, to make it grow and flourish.

Here are some elements that fortify your relationship with Jesus:


Among friends and family, communication is essential. Some organizations such as Faith Wireless recognize this, leading them to offer services that make it easy for individuals to communicate and share.

While there is no direct-dial phone number that you can call to speak with the Lord, you can communicate with Him through prayer. Prayer bridges the gap between you and Him. It allows you to hand your burdens over to Him and listen or wait for His reply.


Love is a fundamental part of any relationship, and what we know about love, we know from God. He showed us how much He values us by sacrificing His only son, and there is no better way to show our love for Him than by loving others. By loving other people as God loved you, you become a living testament to His love for humanity.


No relationship can function without forgiveness. The Lord liberally extends His forgiveness to you. Many times, you will find yourself committing since that will distance you from the Lord, but as long as you seek forgiveness, you will see that He is always willing to welcome you back.

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Faith means trusting that what Christ calls you to do is always what’s best for you. One of the ways you can demonstrate your belief in Him is to respond positively when He taps you to become an instrument in carrying out His work.

Every element of your relationship with God affects your interactions with His creations. By committing to each of these aspects, you improve not just your relationship with the Lord, but also with His people.