The Essential Guide to Braces in Watford

Close up shot of a girl smiling with braces

There’s a lot of information on the internet about braces. It can be tough for someone to sort out the essentials that they need to know before visiting a dentist for a consultation. Here we look at some of the basics of what it’s like to go through a teeth-straightening treatment.

The internet can only provide general information on braces in Watford. Every patient will take a different journey to straight teeth. The best place to get specific information is from an experienced dentist, like Cassiobury dental.

Choosing braces in Watford

There are lots of different ways to straighten the teeth. Essentially, every method applies pressure to the teeth in order to get them to move. Each type of braces achieves this in a different way.

These are just some of the dental brands that might be available to someone:

  • Six Month Smiles
  • Cfast
  • Invisalign
  • Inman aligner
  • Traditional orthodontics

Once a dentist has completed their examination of a patient’s teeth, they can let them know which methods might be suitable for their realignment procedure.

Fitting braces in Watford

Each method has a different fitting process but all include gathering data through impressions and scans. This is used to create custom-made braces either at patient’s dental practice or using an external company.

Some of the above methods entail fixed braces. This is when brackets are applied to the teeth using a dental cement. A wire is then threaded through these and fixed in place using small elastic bands. With modern teeth straightening methods, much of this equipment is either clear or tooth-coloured to help the braces blend in.

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Other methods are removable. This means that there is no fitting process as such. The patient is simply given their equipment along with instructions on how to wear it.

Wearing braces in Watford

In all cases, the patient needs to visit their dentist regularly during their teeth straightening treatment. The usual interval is every six weeks or so. This is so the dentist can check on the progress of the treatment and that the patient is comfortable. There can be some initial discomfort when wearing braces but it should fade within one to four weeks.