The Different Forms of Self-Care

relaxing at a spaForget about the trends. You don’t have to go to that newly opened salon just because they are advertising that they help you take care of yourself. There are different kinds of self-care routines for each person; what works for the majority might not work for you. Worse, going with the wrong activity might just add to your stress.

Here are some examples of self-care to consider:

Head to the Spa

Many people find comfort in the nearest spa. Marilyn Monroe Spas explains that it works for a lot of people because that trip to a downtown Orlando spa, for instance, becomes your “me time.” It’s all about pampering yourself and if you can’t do it in your own house, an hour of massage already makes a big difference.

Take a Lunch Break

No, this doesn’t mean sitting down in front of your desk and eating a sandwich while browsing through your emails, scanning Facebook statuses, or liking Instagram posts. For a lunch break to be a meaningful form of self-care, take the time to enjoy your food without any other distraction. Whether you have just 30 minutes or two hours, it’s plenty of time to unwind and get out of the busy work routine. This helps you be more focused when you return to work, too.

Go to Bed Without Your Phone

When you’re on your phone, bedtime seems to be a forgotten concept. You think you’ll spend just five minutes more catching up on your news feed, but before you know it, you’ve been up way past bedtime. Keeping your phone nearby is convenient if you use it as an alarm, but this has the downside of being a source of distraction when you’re supposed to be falling asleep. After your nightly routine, give yourself enough time for a restful sleep by keeping your phone a safe distance from the bed.

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Before you take care of others, you need to take care of yourself. It’s easier to focus on everything else when you feel good.