The 4 Most Important People for Your Anorexia Nervosa Treatment

Anorexia Nervosa Treatment

Anorexia Nervosa TreatmentFeeling lonely most of the time is one of the symptoms of anorexia nervosa. Instead of trying to mingle with others, you tend to isolate yourself more. To get rid of such problem, you need to work together with health experts and your loved ones.

In some ways, anyone can help you deal with your negative thoughts and habits that lead to your condition. However, you have to depend on the following people to win over your eating problem. Eating Disorder Center of Denver says that they will be your support group who can give the love and understanding you need during your anorexia nervosa treatment.

General Health Practitioner

Your family doctor is someone you can ask for advice, from minor to major health problems. They may not be an expert in treating eating disorders, but they can refer you to the right health professionals. They also help by informing you and your therapist about any previous conditions that may be a cause or a risk factor to your problem.

Psychiatrist and/or Psychologist

Psychiatrists and psychologists can diagnose and provide the proper remedy for your eating disorder. There are different therapy options out there, but only your therapist can choose the one that suits your needs better. When you go through it, be honest with them so they can point out and address your real issues sooner.


Your therapist will refer a dietician who will make a meal plan for you, and you have to follow it to avoid being admitted to a hospital. You are bound to stay in a hospital if you have critical weight. Your family doctor helps again by providing information on what you are not allowed to eat.

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Loved Ones

The love, support, and care from your family and friends can help you deal with your sad thoughts. As the problem stems up from an emotional stress, it is vital that you can talk to a loved one to ease your burden. You can also find support from people who also have (or once had) such health problem.

A successful anorexia nervosa treatment involves your family, friends and health professionals. Once you get rid of the disorder, extend a helping hand to those who suffer from the condition as well. Don’t forget to share your experience, so others can avoid the triggers for the condition.