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Stacie's storyStacie is a hardworking mother of twins who knows how important Affordable Care Act is to her family.

Her daughters, now 11, were diagnosed with leukemia when they were four. They both needed stem cell transplants and other cancer treatments. The twins survived, but the glands controlling their growth were damaged beyond repair from the treatment. To continue growing, they needed doctor-recommended growth-hormone injections regularly.

Stacie’s husband’s company switched to CIGNA health insurance, and CIGNA refused to cover the hormone shots. Each time Stacie takes her daughters to the doctor for the shots, it costs her $440. Between the cancer treatment and the denied care, Stacie and her husband had to file for bankruptcy.

Stacie understands firsthand the importance of the Affordable Care Act. Under the new law, her daughters will not be denied coverage in the future for pre-existing conditions and her family will not have to struggle financially because of past health coverage abuses.