Stop Believing These 4 Misconceptions About Midwives

Physician-attended births are more common in the country, but this does not mean that you should rule out other options like choosing a midwife for delivery. The latter is on the rise today, but many still have bad impressions about midwives. You may not know it, but studies suggest that midwifery care can result in higher satisfaction rates as well as fewer surgical births.

Midwives in Utah clear up some misunderstandings and put these misconceptions to rest.

Midwives have no formal training or education.

Most midwives in the country are a certified nurse midwife (CNM) and have a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. They are also required to pass a certification exam and complete training in nursing and midwifery. It is also good to know that midwives and doctors work together to give all women the right care for their needs.

Midwives only focus on birth and delivery.

For OB-GYNs with a lot of patients, your pregnancy may seem like just another delivery. Midwives, however, will get time to know and understand your preferences. They also offer a variety of healthcare services, such prenatal and postnatal care, general checkups, gynecologic care, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. They also offer pain relief options during labor.

Midwives only deliver births at home.

You may not know it, but midwives practice in different settings, such as hospitals, clinics, birth centers, medical offices, and private settings. Midwives are focused on personalized care, so they practice in a variety of settings to make sure that the patients will have access to the services they need and prefer. Compared to physicians, midwives are more actively involved in childbirth preparation.

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Midwives cannot offer care if I have a high-risk pregnancy.

If you have a chronic condition or if your pregnancy is considered high risk, midwives can still provide care services. They will work alongside other specialists who are experts in your condition to ensure a safe delivery. They will help also you work with other healthcare providers to support your goals and address your challenges.

There is no reason to fear choosing a midwife for your pregnancy. You can contact a midwifery center today to discuss all your pregnancy health-related concerns.