State of the Art: Three of the Best Cultural Attractions from Brisbane

Best Cultural Attractions from BrisbaneBrisbane is becoming the hotbed of culture and arts in Australia with all its establishments that host artistic endeavours and exhibitions. Tourists and locals alike will love the public art and heritage buildings open to anyone up for an artistic experience.

Narrowing it down to three, here are the best of Brisbane’s cultural attractions:

  1.  Brisbane Powerhouse

The Brisbane Powerhouse is a hub for performing arts, visual arts and cultural festivals – an art enthusiast’s favourite. Located in the suburbs of New Farm, it now stands in the place of a decommissioned power station; hence, the retention of its name. It also became a refuge for homeless kids and a venue for the parties of street kids, which contributed a lot to its appeal to the lover of culture. Now, it is a multi-purpose entertainment centre where they hold theatre events, workshops and live art performances.

  1.  State Library of Queensland

In South Brisbane, you will find the structured glass façade of the State Library of Queensland. It is a ‘knowledge bank’ and the main research library of their people, provided by the state government and the Queensland Libraries Act 1988. The institution prides itself as an ‘inclusive and welcoming place for all, a trusted source for information, and a place for intellectual freedom’. Other than being a house for books and references, they also include an Indigenous Knowledge Centre and an activity area for children and their parents.

  1.  Queensland Maritime Museum

The Queensland Maritime Museum, established in 1971, is one of Australia’s largest maritime museums ever built. It is a wonderful place for families and school groups to visit because of its interactive historical exhibits. Some of its displays include the 1925 steam tug Forceful, the warship Diamantina, the South Brisbane Dry Dock and special presentations of lighthouse technology. Facilitators from the museum hold tours and events for visitors throughout the year.

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‘Brisbane now has found its confidence’, says Noel Staunton, the artistic director of the Brisbane Festival. ‘It no longer looks over its shoulder at Sydney or Melbourne but says: “We know who we are.”’