Spice Up Your Workouts with These 3 Fun Exercises

Woman doing a battle rope workout

Getting in shape and losing weight doesn’t have to be boring. Admittedly, most women get bored with traditional aerobic classes or the solitary workouts like running or biking. At any NewtonCentre weight loss studio for women, members can explore different types of cardio classes as well as weight training sessions.

A varied workout routine may be the key to keeping a person coming back to the fitness centre or gym several times a week. If you feel like you need something new to spice up your exercise routine, you may want to explore these three new trends.


CrossFit is another kind of fitness regimen. Initially, only men enrolled in these classes, but women slowly began joining and found the physical nature of this workout appealing. CrossFit makes use of alternative equipment to exercise such as oversized tires or thick ropes. Instead of repetitive moments, students lift or pull the tires and work the ropes with their hands. The workouts are intense, but are said to deliver the best results in a short amount of time.

Aerial Silk

Inspired by acrobats and circus performers, aerial silk makes use of hoops of swatches of fabric suspended in the air. Students do variations of typical yoga poses from the fabric — while hanging. The fabric is flexible and offers tension and resistance. It’s also a more challenging workout and engages all muscles group the whole time. You’ll be doing kicks and turns and inversions while managing not to fall. It’s definitely something new and it’s also playful and fun.

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Pole Dancing

Weight problems sometimes also affect a person’s self-esteem. Pole dancing classes are one way to bring sexy back and boost a woman’s (or even a man’s) ego. This is a challenging and demanding exercise and requires a strong core. It’s a total body workout and develops balance and grace. Pole dancing is slightly similar to aerial silk in the sense that it involves acrobatic movements. Additionally, both disciplines take time and a lot of practice to master.

These three workouts are also good alternatives when breaking your old exercise routines. You can try a few classes and see which ones work for you. Keep an open mind and see where the experience takes you. Who knows, you may find something that you’ll enjoy doing for years to come.