Snore no more

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Getting a good night’s sleep is so vital to health and well being. Ask any new parent, going without sleep for a few nights soon begins to wear down the nerves and the body. Lack of sleep makes it harder to focus, more difficult to remember basic information and makes accidents more likely. And if disturbed sleep is also affecting a partner, it can create a very unhappy household.

The dentist in Sydney CBD may not be someone’s first thought if they are having trouble sleeping, but many dental practices in the area, such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD, provide their patients with help to get the rest they need. There is one particular cause of sleeplessness the dentist in Sydney CBD can help with and that’s sleep apnoea.

Sleep apnoea is caused by an obstruction in the airways. There is often loud snoring followed by a pause in breathing or shallow breathing. This can happen many times during the night and the pauses may last a few seconds or a few minutes. And while the person experiencing the sleep apnoea will often stay asleep, the quality of the sleep is not as restful as is needed and so they will often wake up feeling tired or feel tired during the day. And it goes without saying that anyone sleeping next to them could well have an interrupted night’s sleep too.

So, what can the dentist in Sydney CBD do to help? There are a range of devices and mouthpieces they can provide that help to keep the airways open during sleep, by stopping the lower jaw from falling backwards.

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The patient will need to have an impression taken of their teeth so the dentist in Sydney CBD can create a custom-made mouthpiece that fits snugly. This is worn at night and it keeps the bottom jaw slightly forward to keep the airway open. This means a deeper sleep is possible, leaving them, and their partner, feeling refreshed and renewed in the morning.

The dentist in Sydney CBD may also recommend lifestyle changes that can help address sleep apnoea such as: losing weight, cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes and sleeping on one side.