Shrinking Stem Cells: The Real Cause for Hair Loss Concern

Hair LossA major concern when men come of age is hair loss. It affects their lifestyle and even their confidence. The concern is so widespread that hair transplant clinics have popped up, such as Fue Clinics in Manchester and around the UK. The thriving need for their services has helped men get back their social life.

Researchers have studied some elements to identify the real cause of hair loss. A recent study, however, discovered that the root of all hair loss is connected to ageing.

The Recent Discovery

A report released in Science revealed that Japanese researchers have found the answer. Hair is typically restored by stem cells that have the capacity to divide and create new hair follicle stem cells. However, in time, the stem cells will grow older, get weaker and fall apart.

The research led by Emi Nishimura was done at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. The group revealed that the overuse of hair DNA causes stem cells to change chemically, which restrains the hair follicle from growing new hair.

The Link to Ageing

The report reveals that hair follicles will begin to shrink, making it hard to grow new hair. They say that organ shrinkage is a typical characteristic of ageing. Nishimura says that the DNA damage done to the skin requires the hair follicle to reject itself from the skin.

The researchers explain that hair follicles will break down as you grow old. The DNA damage is caused by extreme sun exposure, contact with harmful chemicals and the normal process of ageing. They said that they found the chemical that specifically activates the shrinking process. They are positive that shortly, they will be able to slow down or reverse the effect before the stem cells begin to weaken.

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This new Japanese breakthrough will go a long way in building the world that is free of hair loss. It is an on-going study that will take time, but for now, hair restoration clinics may assist those in need of hair regrowth.