Shave, Wax, or Zap? What to Choose When You Want the Hair Off


SummerIt has become routine for most people — women in particular — to remove unwanted hair. A few decades ago, one had to go to great lengths just to do so. Thanks to the development of hair removal technology, there are now less painful options that you can choose.

Shave it!

Shaving is the least expensive and this method removes hair from the surface with a razor. As such, when hair regrows it will look blunt and appear thicker. You can shave hair from legs and underarms, but it is not recommended for areas where skin is thinner and more delicate like arms and face. Use shaving cream to make it easier to glide the razor over your skin as well as keep it moisturised.

Wax  it!

This method uses hot wax, poured directly on skin. When it has cooled slightly, a strip of cloth is applied and quickly removed. Waxing is recommended for legs, bikini area and underarms. Also, for people with coarser and darker hair, waxing is more suitable as it can get rid of more stubborn hair. Unlike shaving, waxing can keep hair off for at least three weeks, thus making it a more cost-effective solution. To avoid unwanted effects, do visit a professional to have it done, particularly if it’s your first time.

Zap it!

As lasers destroy the hair follicles, it can permanently remove hair after some sessions. This is suitable for those who have hair darker than their skin, but not for people with very dark and pale skin. Why? The laser used for this method needs to differentiate the darker pigment of the hair, which can be a difficult task with the other two types. If you decide on getting laser, be prepared to shell out a lot. This procedure can be costly and may require several sessions.

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Now that you have a better grasp of the three procedures, the question remains:  shave, wax, or zap?