Same Day Dental Implants Are a Reality

Elderly Woman with Dental Implants

Placing a dental implant to restore missing teeth used to always be a long process, but things have changed. Now an implant treatment can be completed in an afternoon. You do not have to wait for months and endure several surgeries to get your dental implants. Same day dental implants are a bit different from traditional dental implants. Traditional dental implant treatment normally takes 6 to 12 months to complete, a large part of which includes a lengthy healing process.

Dentists, such as those at Moor Park Dental in London can now offer dental implants in just one day. With local anaesthesia your discomfort will be kept to a minimum. The popularity of this type of dental implant is increasing because of its ease and speed.

What Are Dental Implants?

Whether you opt for traditional or same day dental implants, the implants themselves are titanium posts. They are placed directly into the jawbone, where they stimulate new bone growth around them. This secures them in place to provide a foundation for the attachment of new replacement teeth. They help prevent jawbone degeneration after tooth loss, which ultimately protects you facial structure from premature ageing as a result of tooth loss. They will also restore your ability to eat tough and chewy foods with ease.

Risks and Other Considerations for Same Day Dental Implants

One risk is the failure of the implants. Same day dental implants take less time to complete than traditional dental implants. With traditional implants, you must wait for between 2 to 7 months to allow enough time for the bone to grow around the titanium root effectively.

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Same day implants do not involve this process, so the bonding between the bone and the screw is not as strong when the replacement teeth are attached. This can slightly increase the failure rates.

Some patients may need an additional procedure called a bone graft before same day implants can be placed. This is to ensure that there is enough jawbone to support the implants correctly for many years to come.

With all of these things in mind, it is very important for you to consult your dentist to decide whether the same day dental implant process is right for you.