Pub and Go! – Rig your Own Front Yard Night Pub and Grill

Night Grill

Night GrillAs far as the United Kingdom is concerned, pubs are a cultural staple and icon. They offer a good place to sit own, relax and breathe the day’s stress off over a lovely pint of ale, and perhaps some grilled meat and cheese as well.

But did you know you can recreate that nice feeling to a certain scale within the comfort of your own home? If you ever wanted to turn your front or backyard into a nice pub and grill for you and a chosen few friends, or even the neighbours, here is a quick guide.

Food and Drinks

A pub is not a pub without the food and drinks, so you better start stocking up. Since this project is only a personal leisurely fancy and for the home, you call the shots on what you get to conform within your budget. Chicken, pork or seafood can be a good start. And of course, who can forget the iconic fish and chips? For the meat and vegetables, get good stock you can cook on the grill.

Do not be afraid to explore. There are a lot of popular pub grubs you can make at home. Finally, feel free to procure a keg of your favourite brew from the local brewery. Whatever alcoholic beverage you fancy, bring it in. When you have both food and drinks ready, you are good to go.

Grill Space and Amenities

Choose a good space to build your project from up. It has to have enough space for tables, chairs, and a grill (so the neighbours know you’re grilling good meat). You can choose your backyard, front yard, or even your garage. Set up the necessary furniture: a long table and seats for you and your friends. Then a grill.

The grill can be as simple as a simple metal rack over burning charcoal or an open fire. If you have a gas grill, then good for you. Now that you have the basics, you can start serving meat and drinks to your guests.

Nightly Touches

Having the food, drinks, grill and tables is not enough. To recreate the homely pub feel, you have to go the extra mile. This is where you bring your friends in. Ask your friends to bring decorations and implements to complete the project. You can begin by hooking up bright lighting, or a good stereo to play your favourite music. Pylon street lighting LED can make for great signage, adding accent to the whole pub theme. All these little decors might sound bizarre, but once they all fall into place, you and your friends will see it all play out.

You may not get it all right on the first time, but keep perfecting and you will get there. A small space in your house you can call you and your friends’ own pub. It should make for a good bonding for the coming holidays.