Program Ideas for Your Parents’ Wedding Anniversary

Marriage Milestone

Marriage MilestoneOnce your parents reach the 30th year milestone in marriage, you should congratulate them. As a matter of fact, why not prepare a surprise anniversary celebration for them complete with all their close friends and relatives? Of course, you need to add a few twists into the program to make it even more memorable and exciting.

Here are some wonderful program additions:

Favourite Performers

If you can manage to get a hold of your parent’s favourite band or singer, then do have them perform at the anniversary celebration. You can ask the band to even have your parents up front when they sing some of their more popular tunes of long ago. Best that you ask your parents what other songs they love so that you can ask the band if they can come up with their own cover of these pieces.

Renewal of Vows

Why only celebrate their anniversary when your parents can go through their wedding ceremony all over again? Get the original minister and members of the wedding entourage who are still available. Just add in other close friends if your wedding cast is incomplete. Set up the venue to look like a church or reception area. Choose one of the most elegant and classy function venues in Brisbane, says industry professional, for this idea to work.

Surprise Testimonials

If you want to include this into your program, you would have to require your surprise guests to keep out of sight until they are called to the front. These guests are friends and acquaintances who have been out of touch due to time and distance. Look through your parent’s picture albums to get their absentee friends’ names and info. Research them online and try to connect with them so they can join you during the event.

Putting together this event can be one of the best presents you can ever give your parents. Just remember to plan it out carefully and tell everyone who knows to keep quiet about it until the day. That way, you all can enjoy the sincere surprise and happiness your parents will feel when they arrive for the program.