Pretty to Look At, Pretty Expensive? Cut Costs on Your Wedding Flowers

wedding flowers

wedding flowersApparently, flowers are one of the most frustrating factors brides and grooms deal with during the wedding planning.

The flower selection comes into play once you reach the wedding décor budget. Apart from the location and the theme, flowers are important additions to your wedding. Will orchid blossoms compliment the venue? Should you have individual blooms on each table or not?

While some brides picture dozens of roses on the day itself, their budget does not agree. The floral designs you see on magazines are pretty to look at but they can be quite pricey too. Fortunately, there are ways you can cut costs on your wedding flowers whilst ensuring a beautiful sight on your special day.

Go for Simple and Effortless Bouquets

Not all weddings call for extravagant flower bouquets. On some occasions, simplicity is what you need.

Consider flowers that do not require much effort, such as hand wiring or other special work. For example, while it is tempting to have cascading bouquets with beautiful blooms hanging off your ivies, these plants do not grow that way. The extra wiring results in additional costs on your budget.

Save your wallet from further expenses by choosing flowers with legitimate stems (e.g. lilies, roses and calla lilies).

Resist the Urge for Large Floral Centrepieces

Large floral centrepieces are attractive, but in reality, your guests hate them. These decorations obscure their view of each other and of the ceremony itself.

Rather than settle for an extravagant piece,, provider of quality wedding flowers, suggests going for small centrepieces instead. A smaller piece can still beautify your tables nicely. If you wish to save more, choose hurricane vases, candles or lanterns.

Limit the Flower Variety

Different flowers in your wedding do provide amazing Instagram-worthy shots but these come with heavier prices. Remember, you do not need eight different kinds of flowers for your wedding. Two to three varieties are enough and save more of your budget.

Finally, keep in mind that the wedding is not about the flowers. The most beautiful thing in the ceremony should not be the blossoms — it should be the blushing bride herself.