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Statement on the Second Iteration of the Ryan Plan to End Medicare

For Immediate Release
Eddie Vale – eddie@protectyourcare.org

Statement by Protect Your Care Communications Director Eddie Vale on the second iteration of the Paul Ryan plan to end Medicare:

A Republican budget to end Medicare, is a Republican budget to end Medicare, no matter what you call it.  Paul Ryan can claim a tweak here or a tweak there from his last budget that ended Medicare.  He can try to latch onto a new co-sponsor.  But no window dressing can change the fact that at it’s heart his budget is a plan to end Medicare by ending the way the program has worked successfully for decades and throwing seniors out onto the mercy of the private insurance companies.

The Republican budget to end Medicare is a one-two punch to seniors because at the same time Republicans want to throw them back into the prescription drug donut hole and take away their preventative care benefits by repealing the Affordable Care Act.