Perfect Skincare Tips

Woman applying cosmetics on her face

Find the best skin care spa in Heber that offers services which suits your needs and wants. Be sure to know what skincare products and procedures work together, and then ask yourself if it will benefit your skin. You must also know the order in which to apply them to develop a skincare routine that is best for you. A Good Spa Day shares some daily skincare tips and routine for any skin type that you can try:

Normal or Combination Skin Type

Use a cleanser every morning and night when washing your face. You may also want to consider using gentle non-soap wash or mild glycolic acid because these won’t strip away excessive oil but instead, help get rid of dirt as well as dead skin cells clogged in your pores.

Night Treatment for Normal or Combination Skin Type

Use night cream with alpha hydroxy acids or retinol to help unclog pores while improving fine lines. Carefully apply the cream to the blemish areas then leave it until morning.

Oily Skin Type

If you have an oily skin type, your objectives should include keeping your pores clear, and avoiding to overdry your skin that can result greasiness. Some websites may tell you to avoid using moisturizing products, but you can try these just be sure the products you apply won’t cause blemishes.

  • Use cleanser for a deep clean
  • Wash your face every morning and night before going to sleep
  • You may want to consider using a power brush with pads that has salicylic acid cleanser that helps stop breakouts
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Finding the best skincare routine or products according to your skin type and specific skin needs and concerns can be tricky. So be sure to do your research first before trying products and treatments on your skin so avoid skincare problems.