Orthopedic Surgeon vs. Neurosurgeon: When You Have Problem With Your Spine

Orthopedic surgeon explaining the spine problem of the patient

In procedures such as a spinal reconstruction, a pair of neurosurgery and orthopedics experts works together for the best possible outcome. However, not all solutions to problems of the spine require the expertise of both. Which surgeon is more qualified to help you through your woes?
Cervical Spine Institute provides more information that will help you find the answer.

More than just back pain

The symptoms affecting the structural and neural components of the spine can overwhelm anyone. Herniated disk, osteoporosis, radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, sciatica, and scoliosis are some of the most common spine conditions managed in American hospitals today.

The effects of spine problems on daily activities may be so serious that patients can no longer function independently. Some problems may be less complicated, yet every person who has experienced persistent neck pain can attest to how bothersome it can be. Once conservative options are exhausted, you’d have to agree with your primary physician if surgery is the next course to take.

Orthopedic surgery versus neurosurgery

While an orthopedic doctor is just a phone call away, the question of whether a doctor with another specialization might be more helpful still arises. Both types of doctors perform surgeries on different portions of the spine. Nevertheless, procedures performed at the junction of the cervical spine and skull is mostly handled by neurosurgeons. They also get referrals for syringomyelia, tumors of the spinal cord.

Meanwhile, orthopedics specialists handle scoliosis, kyphosis, herniations, and other spine conditions with mainly structural issues. They also take good care of people diagnosed with bone tumors of the vertebra and fractures of the spine.

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Specialization in spine surgery is attained after a four or five-year intensive training period. Surgeons with orthopedic specialization are the most qualified to perform procedures in trauma and sports-related spinal conditions.

Managing spine problems can be highly complicated. This is why they require expert eyes and hands. Orthopedics experts are in the best position to assess and manage surgical conditions of the spine.