Never Worry About Hair Fall Or Bald Patches Again

Woman worried about hair fall

If you think about it, the hair that you see on the exterior of your scalp doesn’t contain any nerves, muscles, or even blood. But why do we even feel the need to look after it? Although it may be dead, your hair is one of the very first things that people will notice about you. It’s only fitting to want it to look hygienic and presentable. Just like what Kerluxe believes, it’s essential to understand that your hair and scalp needs the same quality treatment that you put in your face. So where do you start?

Get your daily dose of protein

Protein is one of the essential nutrients that your body needs to function. In fact, our hair consists of the same protein which our body uses to regrow it. According to the Telegraph, you can get the protein that you need from eggs, tuna, and even steaks.

Avoid staying in the sun for too long

Too much exposure to the sun can cause it to become dry and brittle. It can even be worse for people with thinning, or balding hair is it can cause even more irreversible damage to their scalps in the long run. To avoid too much sun exposure, it’s highly advisable to bring an umbrella or even use a hat. Based on an article posted on How Stuff Works, you may also want to try a few hair care products that contain PABA/Octyl Salicylate to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Try to relieve yourself from stress

Stress can have various effects on your mind and body, including your hair. So try to do a few relaxation exercises such as yoga, boxing, and even gardening to somehow relieve yourself from stress.

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It’s always best to take care of your health before anything else. Don’t wait until you notice any bald patches before you start managing your scalp. Use products that are specially made to manage your hair and ensure that it’ll stay strong and healthy even when exposed to harsh conditions.