Most Common Causes Of Acne Breakouts


Pimples, or otherwise known as acne, commonly occurs when a person’s oil glands are overactive, causing their pores to become inflamed. Although it’s quite easy to blame hormones and genetics for your condition, the most common causes of acne breakouts may be due to a few of your bad habits.

Going on certainĀ medical procedures such as laser treatmentsĀ may be able to help you with the scarring, but it wouldn’t be able to stop it entirely. So, to help you fight acne breakouts, here are a few of the most common bad habits which may be causing your problem.

Poor diet

You may want to cut back on processed foods and sugar. There’s a high chance thatĀ these types of foods will clog your pores entirely. On top of that, Caffeine and alcohol can cause your skin to dry out, which may cause acne breakouts as well. It’s also advisable to drink a lot of water especially if you’re living an active lifestyle or if you’re in an area where the climate is cold and dry.

Not cleansing your face

Washing your face on a daily basis is essential. It’s vital to eliminate excess oil and dirt from your skin to prevent it from clogging your pores. However, you should also be careful about washing your face too often. Over-washing can cause your skin to become dry out, which can worsen your pimples in the long run.

Scrubbing your face too hard

There are a few people who scrub their skin with washcloths or rough cloth pads. However, it doesn’t work with everyone else. Doing it may irritate your skin and can make your acne breakouts even worse. You may want to use a gentle cleanser with clean hands to help clean your face and prevent pimples at the same time.

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Fighting acne may seem like a losing battle at first. But if you clean your face gently and regularly, you can help reduce acne in the long run. Just ensure to visit a dermatologist to check your condition and see if there are any progress.