Millennials and Freedom: How Bail Bonds Strike a Balance


MillennialsMillennials, referring to the Gen Y demographic, are young adults and teenagers born between the years 1980 and 2000. As digital natives, Millennials came of age when computer classes became a part of their academic curriculum and digital technology arrived bursting into the scene. Among other cultural reasons, the prevalence of the internet serves as one of the greatest influences on the generation’s lifestyle.

Apart from digital technology, “YOLO” is another defining characteristic of the generation. The acronym stands for “You Only Live Once,” a lifestyle revolving around freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Coupling the digital technology with the millennial’s life motto, this particular generation of digital natives utilizes technology as a resource for chasing their dreams and becoming happy.

The Freedom to Enjoy Life

Freedom is one of the many things Millennials claim as important. It is meaningful for a Millennial to have the freedom to travel, share online, and seek what their heart desires. To them, the world is free, waiting for them to experience life in all its rawness. And this is where a Millennial might encounter some problems.

As an example, young people attend music festivals which they consider as life experiences. These venues are places where they freely express their feelings and revel in the atmosphere of music and like-minded crowds. At times, the law steps on this freedom, especially when YOLO living involves the use of illegal substances.

When a teenager finds himself or herself charged with drug possession or DUI, reality sinks in. Being the digital natives that they are, googling what to do next would be the first reaction of a Millennial who was arrested for “enjoying life.” Good thing, bail bond businesses and agents are on the internet – to offer Millennials a searchable way out.

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Bail bondsmen in Raleigh, for instance, provides awareness and helps the youth in the fight for freedom (at least, the Millennials’ brand of freedom). Smartphones and Wi-Fi connection enable open communication and the ready emailing of documents to expedite the process. It’s true that some Millennial groups can get rowdy or annoying, or take some liberties, but that doesn’t mean they should rot in a cell for a misdemeanor. Bail bond companies help restore the freedom of misbehaving Millennials without ruining their belief in the system.

Digital MediaEffects of Digital Media Use on Millennials

Marked by traits of interconnectivity, ambition, and personalization, millennials make use of digital technology in their daily lives. Posting status updates and photos, tweeting, instagramming, and snapping are a few ways Millennials interact today. According to a study from the Pew Research Center, 21 percent of the youth between the ages 8 and 18 spend 16 hours in digital media.

The worrisome thing about this heavy media use is that 47 percent of teenagers are averaging a grade of C or lower, 33 percent figure into more trouble, and 32 percent describe their lives as either sad or unhappy. Comparing these statistics to teenagers who spend 3 hours or less a day on digital media, light media users show better academic performance, fewer risks of getting into trouble, and are often content with life.

The poor effects of too much media use can lead to harsher results when left unresolved. Fortunately for Millennials, there are 24-hour bail bond services in Raleigh, NC that can give them back their lives when they figure in misdemeanor and federal offenses. In standing up for one’s right to live a happy life, Millennials should know how the digital technology is there to make their lives easier. The law, on the one hand, exists for their safety and protection.

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