Massage Musts: Things You Can Do to Get the Most Out of Your Massage Experience

Old man having a massage therapy

People experience different types of pain, aches,¬†and stiffness. If you’re a mother caring for a newborn, you may be experiencing back pain. If you have a desk job, meanwhile, neck pain is likely prevalent.

No matter the reason, any kind of chronic pain makes your body unable to relax. Because of this, you may feel upset or irritable.

According to Jenna Baker LMT, a provider of therapeutic massage in Salt Lake City, the physical and emotional effects of body pain can take a toll on your wellbeing. That’s why it might be a good idea for some to get a therapeutic massage to relieve body pain.

Get the most out of your massage experience by doing these things before and after your session:


  • Schedule your massage on the weekend. This way, you don’t have to fall right back into your work and start inflicting stress on your just-relaxed muscles again.
  • Take a warm shower. The best way to prep before a massage is by taking a warm shower. It relaxes your mind and muscles, making you less tense during your massage session.


  • Avoid strenuous activity. Take it easy after your massage, but still try to be somewhat active. You might feel so relaxed, you can hike or run, but it’s better to just do yoga or light stretching.
  • Watch your diet. Don’t eat a heavy meal after your massage. It’s better to stick to light and healthy snacks in keeping with treating your body well.
  • Take a nap. Make the relaxing feeling last by taking a nap. A massage releases tension from your muscles, giving you better sleep.
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What you do and do not do before and after your massage can impact the benefits you get from the session. So, as much as possible, incorporate these tips for a better overall massage experience.