Leg Swelling Causes You’re Probably Unaware Of

Leg swelling pain Leg swelling pain is leagues different from muscle fatigue.

In fact, having it means you also probably have a venous occlusive disease.

And if you think that it kind of somehow sounds like a deadly snake’s venom, then you’re pretty within the context. The only difference is there are no snakes involved, only your swollen veins looking to burst.

So, for your guide, here’s everything that might cause leg swelling.

Over Salting Food

Same as with every other thing, going way overboard like using too much salt on your food will have unpleasant effects. Typically, a person should only take about eight to ten grams of sodium a day. If you exceed this, the mineral deposits you can’t process can saturate your veins and cause vascular pains. One great way of expelling excess sodium is by taking in high-potassium foods such as parsley, avocado, spinach, etc.


Leg swelling is a disease common to folks who have inactive lifestyles. Since leg swelling has something to do with oxygen deprivation and the quality of your organs, tissues, and veins; you really have no choice, but to stay in shape. For those who already have the condition and have a hard time turning their lifestyle around, there are remedies you can try hand in hand such as pressure point healing. In particular, you can reduce the leg swelling discomfort via pressing parts of the knee and calf muscles. For more information about this, consult your local pressure point specialist.

Swollen Lymph

When you have a cold, the lymphatic system activates and catches the toxins and other harmful substances from doing any more damage. In consideration, leg swelling pretty much performs the same function. But, instead of your neck or armpit lymph nodes working, it’s your entire leg taking the damage. To reduce discomfort, massage the parts where it hurt to improve circulation in the area.

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Leg swelling is an evolving condition, which affects millions of people throughout the world. While the manifestations are for certain simple, its effect on daily activities can be permanently damaging.