Latest Trends in the Dental World

Tooth brush and invisalign

You need regular dental visits for your overall health. Unfortunately, most people only visit the dentist when there is something wrong. This stems from an old-fashioned notion that dental visits are costly, uncomfortable and painful.

If you are in Sequim, the experience of visiting a dentist is now entirely different from the past. Dentistry has evolved tremendously, encompassing a lot of new technology and trends. That said, below are a few trending practices in the dental world.


If you are grappling with gaps between your teeth or crooked teeth, Advanta Dental notes that there is a solution for you with Invisalign. They are clear, custom-made dental veneers that shift your teeth into proper alignment. Unlike conventional metal braces, they are safe, convenient and comfortable to wear. They are also a more attractive option than metal braces.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

This technology works like a digital x-ray scanning machine. It enables the dentist to get an accurate image of your dental structures, nerves, bones and soft tissues. It is pain-free and has less radiation compared with conventional x-ray machines. This technological trend has significantly improved patient assessment and care.

CAD/CAM Impressions

Manufacturers traditionally make dental impressions by mixing a powder-based formula in a tray. Patients then bite on the tray to make their dental impression. CAD/CAM digital impression has changed this uncomfortable procedure. 3D digital impressions are computer generated. The images created are used to fix dental restorations. It is a very accurate and comfortable technology for patients.

Laser dentistry eliminates the need of invasive surgery in your mouth. Dentists use the light energy from laser devices for dental fillings, nerve regeneration, tooth decay removal and teeth whitening. They also use it for early detection of dental cavities.

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Trips to the dentist are now easy, cost-effective and quick with these new technological trends.