LASIK Eye Surgery: Will it Work for You?

LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye SurgeryHave you ever thought about waking up one day not having to wear your glasses? Wearing eye equipment can be tough, as they limit the activities you can do. You cannot engage in most sports for fear of breaking your glasses. Without them, you would not be able to see clearly. With LASIK eye surgery, you don’t have to let your eyesight limit you anymore. Here are some questions you might have.

Are you a good candidate?

If you have a common vision problem, then you’re already a candidate for LASIK eye surgery. This includes short-sightedness and its opposite, long-sightedness. Sometimes, these problems come with astigmatism. The treatment is good for people from the ages 18 and above. This is because the prescriptions of adults may have already reached a stabilisation point. You should also be in great health before considering this option. This means you have to go into the surgery room without other existing health issues.

Are there any other requirements?

Before undergoing the treatment, doctors will conduct checks to see if your eye can handle the treatment. A requirement for LASIK is having strong production of tears.

Another important quality to have is thick corneas. These will ensure the safety of the procedure. Just like any other surgery, you will have to go through a recovery phase. Normally, it may only last a week. Some may even return to work two days after the surgery. Your vision gets better right after the surgery and may even see more improvements for up to a year.

The only way to know if this procedure is good for you is to get your eyes checked. Set up an appointment with your doctors and have your eyes checked for compatibility.