Items that Should be Present in Your First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit in Singapore

First Aid Kit in SingaporeNo one knows when an accident or major disaster strikes. Whether you’re in Singapore, London, or New York, you always have to be prepared to save yourself or your loved ones. One way is to have your own first aid kit that you can place at an accessible area in your home (or even with you).

But what should your emergency kit contain? Here are some of the essential things that you need, which you can buy largely from any pharmacy in Singapore:

Bandages, Antiseptic Solution, Plasters

It’s important you stock up your kit with basic items that will help treat wounds. You never know what you can get yourself into. Whether it’s a rash, laceration, or bruise, you must have the basic items that will help you, should you or someone else have an injury.

Bottles of Water

In any emergency, it’s essential to have water with you. It’s advisable to have six litres of water for each person, in times of disaster. Having that is important, as a human can survive three weeks without food, but only two to three days without water. Six litres of water should be enough for each person for at least three days.


Anyone would tell you to store a good pair of scissors in your emergency kit. Why? The tool can help you cut up a lot of stuff such as gauze, bandages, and even dead skin from a wound. It’s also a deterrent, just in case.

Important Medicines

Pack up the common ones, such as ibuprofen and paracetamol. You have to think about the usual illnesses. Think about nursing a headache, a tummy ache, or even coping with diarrhoea. It’s advisable that you store personal medication as well for particular ailments.


A whistle should not be missing in any emergency kit. It’s a tool that will help you get assistance, especially when the big one comes.

Thinking about a worst-case scenario can be scary — but you have to be strong and wise enough to prepare this early. After all, you’ll never know when it happens.