Individual vs. Group: Exploring Different Fitness Training Options

woman training by herselfFinding the motivation to go to the gym and exercise regularly is an uphill battle for most of us. In fact, people who start out regularly exercising can still find their motivation flagging after a few weeks or months.

Your daily diet, gym buddy, workout environment — all of these can influence your motivation levels. Your fitness training regimen also plays a large part in encouraging you to continue exercising. This is why it’s important to explore different fitness routines and training programs. Many fitness studios in La Grange, IL, for instance, offer a variety of training programs for women.

Personal Training

Working out with personal trainers mean you get a fitness plan that’s customized to your fitness goals. They can also ensure your fitness regimen works around any health condition you may have.

Personal trainers can motivate you to work harder and to work consistently. They can keep you accountable to your workout plan. They can also help spice up your fitness routine if they see you growing tired of your current exercise drills.

Group Classes

group of fitness buffs in a gymTraining with other people can bring out your competitive side and inspire you to do better. Having other people around you who are going through the same paces brings out a sense of camaraderie, as well. You also have an entire group of people to hold you accountable to your shared schedule.

There are also a wide variety of group classes, ranging from regular dance or Zumba sessions to more adventurous ones like aerial yoga. It should be noted as well that enrolling in group classes is generally a more affordable option than hiring a personal trainer.

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2-in-1 Combos

If you want to get the best of both worlds, then perhaps small group training sessions are for you. These classes often have only six or so participants, allowing the personal trainer to spend more time and attention per person. It also allows you to socialize and build a group of friends who can motivate and inspire you to work harder.

The key to staying motivated depends on many factors, not just your own state of mind. In fact, finding the right training program can help renew your motivation and keep you working out regularly.