I am Missing a Tooth and Worried

Missing ToothIt can be devastating to lose a tooth, whatever the reason. It can stop you smiling fully to avoid showing your missing gap. If you are a relatively young person, it may affect your confidence when at work. If this sounds like you then have you heard of dental implants? A dental implant can replace a missing tooth, it is an easy and affordable solution to ensure you carry on your life as normal. With many places offering finance deals or dental plans, it makes having the treatment done even easier. Why would you delay taking back your winning smile? Life is waiting for you to start smiling again. So, make sure if it is a missing tooth that is getting you down, take a moment to ask what are your options to help you. Dental implants suit many people looking to improve their confidence and their smile!

We all know it is important to go and visit a dentist regularly. Even school-aged children are taught how important it is to brush their teeth. Do we get more forgetful as adults? Well, we shouldn’t! With everything we need to manage in our busy lives, our oral hygiene should stay top of the list. Visit a dentist to check that your teeth are as healthy as you think they are. Edinburgh Dental Specialists in Edinburgh offer check-ups and treatments. Whether it is braces, teeth-whitening, dentures or dental implants, they will be happy to assist you in making a booking to discuss it further.

Have you ever had someone breathe over you and realise that they have bad breath? It could be because they just had their lunch and forgot to freshen their mouth, or it could be because they are one of the one in four people in the UK with bad breath. The official name is halitosis, the reason for it is a build-up of toxins combined with poor oral hygiene. Food gets stuck between your teeth and unless you clean and floss, the bacteria will feed off it, giving the bad smell. If you suffer from bad breath all the time, try flossing after you have brushed your teeth to see if you can remove plaque and food.

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