How to Stick to Your Fitness Resolution

Fitness Goals

Fitness GoalsTo stay fit, eat healthy and lose weight is not easy. Your fitness goal can only be achieved with a balance of exercise and proper diet. Therefore, being healthy all throughout the year can be a challenge for you because results can only be achieved through hard work and discipline. Here are a few things that you can do to keep yourself motivated throughout fitness journey.

  • Be specific with your fitness goal.

You should know what your fitness goal is and it must be realistic. Is it to increase your metabolism? Have lean muscles? Develop endurance? Increase stamina?

Knowing what you wanted to achieve will help you determine your action plan – start exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid drinking or smoking, and many more.

  • Your fitness goal should be manageable.

Engage yourself in physical activities which is suitable to your schedule and what your body needs. You can do simple personal exercises like jogging, walking or running.According to, you may also join group exercises in the park or gym where they offer engaging classes like aerobics, pilates or Zumba.

  • Record your fitness journey.

Keep a track of your fitness progress. You can do so by keeping a blog or diary where you can list down the food you eat and your exercise schedule. You can also take before and after photos to see how your body has been reacting to changes in your diet and chosen exercise.

In addition, you can share your progress with a friend or friends through social media where you can also get support from others who share the same goal and are on the same journey as yours.

These tips will help you set your mind on the right track now that you have started another year. Motivate yourself and stay committed until you reach your desired goal.