How to Prepare Your Parents for Assisted Living

A senior in a wheelchair hugged by her daughter

Moving your parent or parents into an assisted living community may be one of the most difficult things to do in one’s life. It can be traumatic for both you and your parents.

Though there may be some who would rather live in this kind of community than be a burden to their children, some think that their children just want to get rid of their parents. No matter what the case is, there are good facilities that offer retirement living in Tolleson, AZ.

Looking at your options can always help make things easier for this life-changing event. Here are a few ways to help ease you and your parents into assisted living.

Try your best to set aside guilt and anxiety

Your parents may easily pick up these feelings, and that is not going to help them transition. Show them and assure them that everything will be fine. If you still struggle with anxiety when you are not with them, try sharing your thoughts with a friend.

Set up their room with familiar things

Before the date of their move, put their favorite pillow and bed sheets on. Put pictures on the table that they used to have in their room at home. Seeing familiar things will make it easier to adjust to the new environment.

Let the staff know of your parents’ preferences

This would include their daily routine, the snacks she likes (make sure she has this in her supplies), and the TV shows she likes to watch. The more details you can give the staff, the better they can assist your parents when needed.

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Discuss a plan on how to encourage and keep your parents’ self-esteem

You and the staff can talk about activities that can help them do the things they enjoy to keep a happy and healthy outlook in life.

This event does not have to be a painful one. As long as you keep your calm and assure them of your love and that you will always visit them, things will be easier in time.